Romantic Dates for less than £50

For those seeking an adventurous date night that is not confined to just a film on the sofa, I have put together some of the best date ideas the UK has to offer – all under 50 pounds to keep it budget-friendly!


Cost: Free – £10

We are blessed to live in a country rich with history. Although most of it can be found wandering the city streets, the wide range of museums can peak the interest of historians, art-fiends and science techies combined. The best part is that many museums offer free admission, which means you can museum hop without spending a penny.

2. Theatre Standing Rooms


Cost: £5 – £10

From Shakespeare to the ballet, theatre surrounds us. Even though prime seat tickets can definitely hurt one’s budget, however standing room tickets at the National Theatre in London are available for a fiver or so. This may not be thrilling for a 3 hour musical, but a taste of the theatre never hurt anyone.

3. Explore the Marketplaces

Cost: Free to stroll + price of purchases

Ideal for Spring-Autumn dates, all over the country marketplaces spring up overnight. Whether it is food or crafts, a stroll through a marketplace won’t cost you or your date a thing (although opting for farm-fresh jellies may cost a few pounds!)

4.Takeaway with a View

Cost: Price of food

With a variety of monuments, skyscrapers and indoor/outdoor gardens, the possibility of gorgeous views (at no cost) are endless. If you are not one to soak in the scenery for a long period of time without getting bored, try surprising your date with some fresh takeout from Hungry House who will deliver food to wherever your location is in a timely manner.

5.Stargaze in a Park

 Cost: Free

We all agree, stargazing is synonymous with romance. Bring a blanket and something cosy to drink, and take your date to a park that has clear sky views outside of the city lights. The only thing this will cost you is time – plan to do this on a clear night for best results!

6.Tackle a Fancy Dinner

 Cost: Ingredients, £10-£20

If the thought of leaving the house is daunting, why not opt for a night at home cooking together? Find an unusual recipe that you wouldn’t typically tackle alone, and get your hands dirty with your date. The end result will (hopefully) be favourable!

7.Get Physical

Cost: Price of a gym membership or under £10

If you and your date are into fitness, a night out at the gym is a practical (and beneficial!) date. Sign up for a fitness class, opt in for a swim or rock climbing, or just go about your regular routine. Couples that lift together, stick together!

 8.Learn a New Skill

 Cost: Free to learn + cost of material

When you and your date are seeking brain stimulation, learning a new skill or craft may be what you need for a thrilling date night.  So many instructional videos are available online, and the cost rests solely on what skill you are looking to learn.

9.Enjoy Patio Season

 Cost: The cost of a pint or a coffee

Nothing screams summertime more than a welcoming patio with a city view. Look online for trendy cafes or bars that have a balcony, and soak in the summer rays or relax in the coolness of the evening. The Skirrid Mountain Inn in Wales offers a haunting but historic experience that you won’t forget

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  1. Ojo Henley says:

    I’m determined to spend more time with the hubby, alone, this year. We have some theatre nights booked x

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