Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space books and World Book Day, with giveaway

This week we were sent some fantastic Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space books from Egmont.  Star Wars has always been a favourite with the boys and more so since the new films have been released. The boys were really excited when they saw the new books and they each selected one of the five books and went to start reading.  What followed was an hour of silence from the boys, apart from the older two helping Rowan to read his book.  Erin pottered over now and again to see what her brothers were doing and even picked up another of the books and flicked through them.

The Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space are aimed at children aged 8 to 11 and follow Lina and Milo Graf who’s parents were taken hostage by Imperial Captain Korda.  The series of books is set between Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope and introduces new characters and new adventures to young star wars fans.   The older two opted to read the first two books from the series but Rowan wanted to read the new book Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space, The Cold.  This book is due to be released on March 9th and Rowan was keen to get a look before anyone else. Like the previous books The Cold sees Lina and Milo continue their search for their parents.  However they are left stranded on a ice planet having being ambushed and now must try and outsmart an old enemy and survive The Cold.  Rowan is just getting to grips with reading in English as initially learnt to read in Welsh.  So he needed a little help to read this book however he was gripped by the action and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have also read a couple of pages with him at bedtime since Monday and between us we have almost completed the book.  He’s keen to go back and read the other books in the series now which is great.  As I feel having a book that interests you makes learning to read a lot easier.  The older two are now on their second book each and also seem to be enjoying them.  It’s nice to watch all three boys enjoying something together, they have been chatting flat out about the books too.  

The Star Wars:Adventures in Wild Space cost between £4 and £6.99 and are available from they are a great set of books for young Star Wars fans.  They are also a good introduction for those not familiar with Star Wars

So when I asked Rowan who he wanted to dress up as for World Book Day, he quickly replied that he wanted to dress up as Luke Sky Walker from Star Wars.  It made sense with all the talk of Star Wars this week.  With four children sourcing costumes for various events can be costly and also time consuming so I try were possible to put costumes together from items we have already.  It’s not always possible but we have fun along the way.  As soon as Rowan said he wanted to be Luke Sky Walker I had an idea.  The older two went to karate lessons for a while, a couple of years back and we still have their gi’s so I thought the top from the gi would work perfectly for Rowan’s costume.  I then found a pair of Luc’s activity trousers and tacked up the legs so they would fit Rowan and dad of 3 said we could use one of his black belts. 

Somewhere we also have a light saber which would go with the completed costume but as usual I haven’t tracked it down yet! but at least I’ve a few days left to do so.  I think the completed outfit looks quite effective and all from items we already had.  Rowan is happy with the end result, which is what matters.  I will continue looking for the light saber as it will complete the outfit otherwise I’ve put a kitchen roll tube to one side that I can use to attempt to make one.


Egmont have also very kindly given me a set of the five Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space to giveaway to one lucky reader.  The books are:

To be in with a chance of winning simply follow the instructions on the rafflecopter form below by 19th March.  Good Luck


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