Fun ways to celebrate your Anniversary

An anniversary is a special occasion for couples all around the world. Some of us celebrate our wedding anniversaries, whereas others celebrate the first day they “officially” became an item. There are even people out there who celebrate the day when they first kissed, or the day when they met.

Whatever you choose for your special day, it can be challenging to come up with interesting and unique ways to celebrate on a yearly basis. The good news is that we’ve got some great tips to keep the romance alive in your anniversary this year.

1.    Get the Gift Right

Whether your partner tells you that they want a present or not, you can usually reset assured that getting the gift right means that your anniversary will be a success. So, how do you ensure that you hit the nail on the head with your choice of present? Easy. Think about what’s really special to your loved one.

One great idea is to theme your gift around your relationship. For instance, maybe you could give your partner a framed vinyl of your song, or a mixed tape embedded in glass with all the tunes that played at your wedding? Think about what defines your relationship and put that thought into your gift-giving strategy.

2.    Create a New Tradition

Add something new to your anniversary celebrations by starting a new ritual that you can stick to every year. Maybe you can have a yearly photo op, where you hire a professional to take pictures of you in a place that’s important to you. This would be a great way to build up some amazing photo albums for your future kids.

Perhaps you could keep things cheap and write love letters to each other every year. You can keep the letters in a scrap book, as well as any images or extras that you can save from the day. This will give you some lovely memories to look back over as you get older.

3.    Give Each Year A Theme

Wedding anniversaries have plenty of themes to choose from, including paper for the first year, and cork after that. If you don’t love the gift ideas that have been given to you by the traditional themes, why not start creating your own? You could even create a list of themes that you’re going to tackle year after year.

The first year could be music, and you could share amazing music-related gifts, and create playlists for each other. You could even buy each other tickets to go and see your favourite bands in action. Make sure that you can keep track of your list, and you’ll have something new to look forward to every year.

4.    Reminisce On Your Time Together

One of the most romantic ways to spend an anniversary is to look back over the memories that you have created together through the years. For instance, maybe you can revisit the location that you had your wedding at and have a picnic or a meal together. Perhaps you could go to the place where your partner proposed and spend an evening there instead. Even going for another meal at the restaurant that you visited on your first day can be an amazing opportunity for romance.

Look for ways to recreate amazing memories that you build together over the years. If you’re still in the early stages of your relationship, don’t worry. This is your chance to start making some memories. Wherever you choose to go, make sure that you take plenty of pictures so that you can revisit these moments again in the future.

5.    Learn Something New Together

The more time we spend with our partners, the more we grow and learn. Why not celebrate the fact that you’re both helping to carve each other into better people, by learning a new skill together? You could book a cocktail masterclass for two where you learn how to make each other’s favourite drinks. Or perhaps you could learn how to cook together?

There are plenty of classes out there that can offer great and romantic experiences for couples. You could even learn how to dance together, which will come in handy for an upcoming wedding. Or you could learn how to make pottery together and take something beautiful home that you can enjoy every day. To make the experience more of a success, try choosing an educational experience that appeals to both of you, and your existing hobbies.

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