Love yourself and others will love you …

Dating is something that isn’t always easy to do. Even in todays world of modern technology where there are apps and numerous dating sites. But one thing I have learnt over the years is that self confidence is key when it comes to dating.

Learning to love yourself goes hand in hand with self confidence and isn’t something that some find a natural thing to do. Over the years I have realised that having self confidence takes time and effort but can be really easy once you have the hang of it.

A good starting point is making time for yourself, take time out to pamper yourself or do an activity you enjoy, it could be a sporting activity, running yourself a warm bubble bath and lighting a candle or making the time to watch your favourite program. For me me time usually includes a lovely long bubble with a candle lit and a book to read or spending some time crocheting or gardening. It’s just time when I can clear my head and think of nothing but myself. It’s amazing the impact these simple things can have on your self confidence.

Me time – bubble bath with candles

It’s really important to make the time for yourself on a regular basis, that in itself will boost your confidence. I find it hard to think of myself as being confident in certain situations but friends have told me they think of me as being confident so I must be doing something right to be giving that impression. However how we feel about ourselves is often different to how others view us. I for one have struggled with how I look, I’ve had four children and due to health issues I have gained weight from what I was before I had my children. I’ve wobbly bits I hate but also bits I love, for example my eyes and the nape of my neck (I know it sounds a strange thing to like but I do!)

I have realised during more recent years that we all have our flaws but these are what make us unique and we should embrace them. It’s okay not to look like someone else or be good at everything we do. The most important thing is that it is okay to whoever you want to be. I used to cover my wobbly bits up and felt like a frump. But in the last year I have changed my outlook and now try to dress in clothes I like rather than trying to cover up, have my hair done and generally make an effort. They have all helped boost my confidence.

I think being able to take a good selfie really helps you stand out from the crowd when it comes to dating. Especially when it comes to using adult dating site Being able to include a selfie in your profile that your happy with will not only give your confidence a further boast when you have those dates pouring in.

Selfie time!

I think once you have some self confidence you will soon see there is no need for all those filters and be able to see the difference in your selfies! Invest some time in yourself and you will have more confidence with dating. There is that old adage ” Always be yourself” this will show in your selfies. So what are you waiting for lets see those fabulous selfies and give dating a go with nostringsdating I’m sure you will see the difference and that in itself will help your confidence grow. What do you do that helps you feel good about yourself?

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