Review – Funko Games Something Wild

Last week we were kindly sent Something Wild from Funko Games, being Disney and Funko fans it was a game we were excited to play. We wasted no time in getting it out that evening after dinner.

The older boys had homework to complete for the following day so myself, dad of three and E settled down to play. We were all intrigued as the game comes in a small box which makes it perfect for taking with you so you can play literally anywhere. The box states the game is suitable for ages 6 plus so we were confident that E would be able to play independently. The game is also suitable for 2 to 4 players, we had three of us playing.

Inside the box there is a Collectible Funko figure and a set of Power Cards and a deck along with instructions on how to play. The box also says the game takes 15 minutes to play making it a quick game and perfect for some fun after dinner.

Dad of 3 shuffled the cards and dealt us each three cards. E went firt as the rules state the youngest goes first, E was thrilled to be able to go first. The rules are really simple to understand and took us one round to get used to them. On your turn you pick up a card from the deck and then you must put one card from your hand down in front of you faceup. If you have more than five cards in front of you, you must discard a card into the discard pile. If you put a card down that matches the colour of the Power card that is faceup you gain the Character, in our case Jack Skellington. To score you must have a run in numerical order in the same colour of three of the same number in any colour. When you score you win the Power Card and control of the character. The winner of the game is the first player to win three Power Cards.

When we started playing we anticipated playing one or two times so we could get to grips with the game. However we enjoyed the game so much we played for over an hour the first night. I left the game that night on the coffee table and since then we have played several games every night. Each time with a different combination of the household playing. In fact as I’m writing this post it is half term here and E and R are sat nearby playing together. It’s brillant, usually the children would be nagging to play on devices and as dad of 3 is still working from home we have allowed it a bit more than we’d usually. However this morning the younger two have not yet asked to go on their devices but have enjoyed a movie and for the last forty minutes have been playing Something Wild.

I also like the fact that you can combine two packs of Something Wild to make the game even Wilder! We only have the one pack at present but with Christmas coming who knows we may add another pack! But one things for sure, we’re loving Something Wild here and I think it’s going to be played a lot here.

Disclaimer: We were sent Something Wild for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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