Twisty Girlz, their collectible, wearable and portable!

Erin is now at the age when she’s starting to notice jewellery and collectibles. So when she was sent some Twisty Girlz to try out she was so excited. She’s seen Twisty Petz before and thought they were very cute so combining a pet with their owner couldn’t be better… Read more“Twisty Girlz, their collectible, wearable and portable!”

Review – Marvel Battleworld from Funko Games

When I was asked a couple of weeks ago if we would like to try the new Marvel Battleworld game from Funko games, I jumped at the chance. The boys and dad of 3 are Marval fans so I was interested to see what they made of Battleworld. Marvel Battleworld… Read more“Review – Marvel Battleworld from Funko Games”