Twisty Girlz, their collectible, wearable and portable!

Erin is now at the age when she’s starting to notice jewellery and collectibles. So when she was sent some Twisty Girlz to try out she was so excited. She’s seen Twisty Petz before and thought they were very cute so combining a pet with their owner couldn’t be better as far as she’s concerned.

Each Twisty Girlz came with a Twisty Girlz bracelet, ring, a leash, instructions and a collectors guide. Erin was kindly sent Kitty Katt and Krystal Kool. Each of the girls twists to form a bracelet that you can wear and their pet twists to make a ring that you can also wear. Then if you connect the leash from the girl to her pet you have extended the jewellery.

Erin managed to twist the girls easily to form the bracelet and but found it a bit more fiddly to get the pets to form the rings, I think it was because they are smaller making them fiddlier. However once she had done it a couple of times she had no problem. Erin wasn’t fussed on attaching the leash when playing with them in jewellery form, she preferred to use it when they were girl and pet to play with. Again it took her a couple of goes to be able to twist them back into a girl and the pet but after that managed it with ease.

Erin has taken the Twisty Girlz with her where ever she goes since she has recieved them. I have had to stop her taking them to school though and ended up compromising with her and said she can leave them in the car so she can have them straight after school. I asked Erin what she liked about them and was told “their just adorable, I love that I can wear them and then take them off and play with them”. She also likes the fact they are collectible with rare and super rare girlz to collect.

Twisty Girlz are from the makers of Twisty Petz and can be found in all major retailers. The start at £9.99 which for a collectible isn’t a bad price. I can foresee Erin adding them to her Christmas list.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Twisty Girlz for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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