Project 365 -Week 8

Phew I’ve made it to half term!  I can’t tell you how pleased I was to do the last school run for a week yesterday.  This term has consisted of getting soaked on almost each and every school run or been battered by winds while we’ve stood freezing waiting for the children to come out.  I have absolutely everything crossed for at least a few days of dry weather this next week so we can finally get out and about.  
Sunday 16th February
After playing rugby this morning I asked Trystan to leave his rugby boots in the kitchen to dry off.  However several hours later I found them still at the bottom of the stairs! I think he was in a rush to warm up after a cold game,  
Monday 17th February
After school today I whipped up two batches of chocolate chip cookies while dinner was cooking.  While dad of 3 was reading bedtime stories I decided to have a sneaky cookie with a cup of tea before the boys could demolish them.
Tuesday 18th February 
This afternoon after school my brother paid us a visit, the children love spending time with him and as usual he tired them out.  Having calmed down all four cwtched up on the sofa together, I love it when they do this.  The older two were transfixed by a game while the younger two were watching TV.  Rowan caught me taking this picture and told me to be quiet as he was listening! little monkey.
Wednesday 19th February 
After dinner tonight the boys asked their dad to help them make paper aeroplanes from a book they had.
Thursday 20th February 
Ive seen quite a lot of people talking about cloud dough recently so decided to give it a go and made some for the little ones to play with.  It was so easy to make and the girls had so much fun playing with it.  I added some jelly molds and alphabet cutters along with some dinosaurs.  We spent a good 45 minutes playing with the cloud dough.  Then I added some coloured and fragranced rice I had prepared a free days earlier (green rice with peppermint fragrance and yellow lemon rice)  The girls continued to play for another half an hour, exploring the different textures and colours.  
Friday 21st February
As I pulled up in the car park next to the boys school a rainbow appeared above the school, a lovely end to the school day.  I’m glad I took the picture when I did because 20 minutes later when we returned to the car it had vanished. 
Saturday 22nd February 
This afternoon while I was doing some ironing I heard something rustling in one of the boxes in the room, I went over to have a closer look and Kitty popped out of the Lego Castle box!  She quickly disappeared back inside to bat the Lego pieces around.  
I know some of you have had half term this week, I hope you’ve all had a lovely time.  
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8 thoughts on “Project 365 -Week 8

  1. The cloud dough looks interesting – I’m always on the lookout for sensory play things! And cookies? The perfect reply to the rainy days 🙂

  2. That’s a lovely rainbow. I’m usually too slow in catching them

  3. Kate Fever says:

    We love cloud dough too – so much fun. Gorgeous rainbow. #project365

  4. Your cat is beautiful as is the rainbow shot #365

  5. Hope you have a lovely half term holiday with blue skies and no rain. Amazing catching the rainbow.

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    What a stunning rainbow! hope you had a super half term honey x

  7. The cookie looks delicious, that’s a great rainbow shot, and the kitty is so cute! Lovely selection of pictures 🙂

  8. TheBoyandMe says:

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

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