Water sensory play using Boba Pearls (Tapioca balls)

Last week I was having a look around Pinterest for inspiration for activities for the children when  I came across a pin for  “Edible” Water Beads.  In the last year we’ve enjoyed many a sensory play session using Water Beads but I have always been wary of them because of… Read more“Water sensory play using Boba Pearls (Tapioca balls)”

Project 365 -Week 8

Phew I’ve made it to half term!  I can’t tell you how pleased I was to do the last school run for a week yesterday.  This term has consisted of getting soaked on almost each and every school run or been battered by winds while we’ve stood freezing waiting for… Read more“Project 365 -Week 8”

Project 365 – week 2

 We’ve had a busy week here with returning to work and school and trying to get back into some sort of routine.  Here’s our week:   5th January – Today we took the last of the Christmas decorations down and took the opportunity to sort them out and pack them… Read more“Project 365 – week 2”

Sensory play – pine cones,sensory hoops and shredded plastic

We haven’t done any messy play for about a fortnight for various reasons so this week I wanted to make sure we did some.  The children all enjoy our messy/sensory play sessions and always seem more relaxed afterwards.  Last week one of the packages I received contained some shredded plastic… Read more“Sensory play – pine cones,sensory hoops and shredded plastic”