Project 365 – week 19.

We’ve had a strange kind of week, not as in strange things happening but I think having a bank holiday weekend has but everything out of sync.  All week I’ve been a day behind which has been a bit confusing at times.  We thoroughly enjoyed the bank holiday weekend all though the majority was spent relaxing and spending time together.  I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday.   Here’s our week – 
Sunday 4th May 2014 
This afternoon I decided to do some baking, not only to use up some eggs but also to try out the new disposable piping bags that arrived earlier in the week.  I made a rookie mistake and forgot to put a piping nozzle in the bag and hey presto the end result was rather unfortunate as you can see from the picture!  Lesson learnt!  The children and I weren’t bothered by the cakes appearance however dad of 3 just could not get passed they looked like something else!  They were delicious though.
 Monday 5th May 2014 –
Today we enjoyed a bank holiday BBQ despite the change in the weather, we simply ate indoors as opposed to on the patio.  With full tummy’s Luc and I set off to walk my parent’s dog Charlie.  We enjoyed a lovely walk along a nearby stretch of the coastal path.  
Tuesday 6th May 2014 –
This evening saw the last training session for Trystan and the under 8’s rugby team.  They were lucky enough to have the chance to train with a couple of the Scarlet Rugby Team, followed by and question and answer session and signed posters.  Trystan took the opportunity to have his picture taken with Shaun Hopkins and Kyle Evans. 
Wednesday 7th May 2014 – 
This evening I watched the clouds roll in during bedtime.  There was the feel of a storm brewing and it was quite humid.  I love watching the clouds pass over head there’s something quite calming about it.  
Thursday 8th May 2014 –
The Hello Kitty sandwich cutter I order ten days ago arrived yesterday and I know that it would go down well with Erin and the little one I was looking after today.  So this morning we spent some time making Fruit kebabs and talking about fruit and colours.  Then I set about trying out the cutter.  The girls were so excited when I placed their plates in front of them.  They actually ate everything else on the plate first leaving the sandwich for last. 
Friday 9th May 2014 –
The chickens have taken to flying up on to the table outside the sitting room window so they can have a nose at what we’re doing.  This evening as we were settling down for dinner two of the girls decided to come and watch us eating.  They actually sat on the table for the whole time we ate, I wonder if they liked the look of our meal.
Saturday 10th May 2014 – 
I’ve been trying to get Erin to keep hair bands and slides in for a while now but she simply pulls them out straight away.  Her hair is slowly growing but her fringe is longer than the back and is starting to get in her eyes so yesterday I let her choose some hair slides in the hope she would keep them in.  After her nap this afternoon Erin brought me one of her new slides and let me clip her hair back.  She kept it in for over an hour before pulling it out, at least its an improvement!
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6 thoughts on “Project 365 – week 19.

  1. MamaMummyMum says:

    Lovely round up, loving the hello kitty sandwich cutter!! And your phtograph of the clouds is stunning #project365

  2. SarahMummy says:

    Those cakes made me laugh. It’s the sort of error I would make if I was even brave enough to make cakes! Erin looks very pretty with her hair slide in.

  3. Mummy of Two says:

    Ha ha those cakes do look like something unmentionable! That is usually the kind of mistake I would make. Sure they were still delicious though. I love the Hello Kitty sandwich – who wouldn’t want one of those for lunch!

  4. CaroleHeidi says:

    Hehe love your nosy chickens 🙂

    Tori was terrible for taking clips and bobbles out of her hair – they never lasted five minutes. She has only just started leaving them in now she’s 4.5!

  5. Sara Murray says:

    Love the half buried anchor. My little girl was the same with clips, she’ll now keep them in for a while, but they still get pulled out eventually 🙂

  6. TheBoyandMe says:

    I’m sorry and I know I shouldn’t laugh about the icing, but it does look a bit unfortunate! Bet they tasted great though? Well done on the Bento lunches.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky live at 9pm tonight.

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