Eglu Eggcup Breakfast Set – Review and Giveaway

Most of you will know that we took a step into the world of chicken keeping last September.  Yesterday we rehomed three new girls from a rescue taking us up to seven girls.  As a family we’ve thoroughly enjoyed giving the girls a new home and love getting to know their funny ways.  
It’s also seen us developing a love for all things chicken! including items for the home, so when Omlet asked if I would like to review one of their 10th Anniversary Eglu Eggcup Breakfast sets I just couldn’t resist.  I love the range of chicken coups Omlet produce and their Eglu coup has to be their most iconic one.  
Included in this very cute breakfast set is an Eglu Eggcup, a toast rack and Salt and Pepper Chickens.  The Eglu Eggcup is a 1/8th scale replica of the original.  
We’ve been using it for breakfast for the last couple of weeks and I have to admit I love having my boiled eggs on it.  It’s lovely to be able to go out to see the girls and collect their eggs and then cook them up and enjoy them.  Erin loves the Salt and Pepper chickens and plays with them during breakfast.  
This breakfast set really does make a lovely addition to anyone’s table but would be a perfect gift for someone who keeps chickens or would like to keep them.  The Eglu Breakfast Set is available in Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow and cost Β£19.99.  I think we will have to get at least another one to prevent the arguments over who is going to use it next!  
For more information or to buy your very own Eglu Eggcup Breakfast Set please visit here 
I’ve very kindly been given a Eglu Eggcup Breakfast set in Purple to give away to one lucky person.  To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter form below.
Good Luck 

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82 thoughts on “Eglu Eggcup Breakfast Set – Review and Giveaway

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    onion and mushrooms

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    cheese and spring onions

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